With Steve AI, your information is secure at multiple levels. Security features such as 2-factor Authentication, Single Sign-on and SSL Encryption at Steve AI ensure the integrity and security of the network and systems

But what is 2-factor Authentication?

2-factor authorization helps you secure your account with more than just your password. It adds a second layer of protection to Stave by using Google authenticator App to generate a second code.

Once you enable and set up 2-factor authentication, you will need to enter your password and also enter the code generated from the Google Authenticator app to login to your account.

Steve AI’s commitment towards data security and encryption

It is Steve AI’s policy not to use or share the personal information about visitors or members in any way. We ensure that the services and websites we sponsor have security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information related to users of Steve AI...

Read Steve AI’s privacy and security policy

In the footer section, there is a separate link provided for the PRIS (Privacy and Security policy) Please go through it.

How to set video privacy in Steve AI?

Your videos are private by default. They will become public once you share the edit or view links with people ONLY. So make sure you share your videos with care to trusted sources only.

How safe are my credit card details with Steve AI?

We use SSL encryption to encrypt and protect all data on our servers. Animaker’s Steve AI uses Stripe to process payments. Stripe is fully compliant with PCI-DSS requirements and meets industry standards for cardholder security.

What level of advanced security does an ‘enterprise’ version have access to?

Obviously, all versions of Steve Ai are well secured and private as mentioned above. But there are some advanced features you will gain with an enterprise package of Steve AI.

  1. You get your own account manager

  2. You will have the usual 2-factor authentication and

  3. SSL Authentication

  4. Priority help center access

  5. Dedicated chat support

  6. Free App webinars

  7. Single sign only

How do I set up SSO for my company?

All you need to do is set up the Sinegle Sign-up on Steve AI for your company to get started.Set up Single-Sign-On on Animaker for your company. SSO is available for users subscribed to our Enterprise Plan. Contact us for more information.The GIFSs’ are usually typical the Animaker kind but with special effects and voice moves.

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