What are the different plans available for Steve?

Steve basically has a free plan that anyone can try their hands on. We also have a basic, starter and pro plans which cover most features for individuals and teams. Other than this, there are PRO and ENTERPRISE plans for professionals Take a look at the pricing page and about our plans right below:

Are enterprise level solutions beneficial to organisational teams?

Yes, while many features are available in the free and basic version of Steve, the enterprise version has many more features useful for organisations

How do I know if an image / video is free for use?

Most of our videos are free to use as they are from the Animaker’s proprietary gallery. Just in case, you need something that's not part of it, you will see a ‘premium’ or ‘elite’ icon at the bottom right corner of the video in the gallery section.

How to find only free videos available?

On the scripting page, you can select the 'source' on the bottom menu as per the video type you want.

You can filter the type of videos you want to choose from while swapping, from the search option filters available right on the top. This can avoid the premium or paid videos (esp when you do not have the credits)

What if you do not like a video chosen by Steve? (which is most unlikely, but still!)

You can use the swap buttons on the top right corner after the video screen - to choose a different video or scenes/format / layout / images

Is Steve only an informal engine for non-pros and amateurs?

Steve helps create both formal and informal video creations within seconds of input provision. You are also allowed to edit it, add what you need, customise it, as you wish to after that. There are also various plans available for professionals.

How customisable is it for professionals and organisations?

It can be easily used by students, interns, freelancers at the same time tailor made for social media, HR, Sales, Product managers, and almost any verticals for businesses.

Which plans have various music options available in?

Currently, the music is completely royalty-free as it is from Animaker’s resources only. These are on stock to use in any of Steve’s videos, whichever plan you are on. You can also upload your own music on all plans.

What copyrights do I have over the video I have created with Steve?

Initially, you can share your videos only with your internal team members. After downloading, you may also share it on your social media and use it for advertising, HR, other organizational purposes according to your plan. But you do not have the right for resale of any videos created by Steve.

What are credits? How do they get used?

When you have credits (5 credits given for free version) on your profile, each credit can be used for an image or any media. We suggest going for an upgrade if you have more credits in your profile to avoid paying for the non-free media.

What are the payment options available?

Currently, we only encourage credit cards as a mode of payment in Steve AI. If you wish to use other modes of payment, please let us know by sending an email to team@steve.ai

How to deal with a payment failure?

In case of a payment failure, please contact us immediately at team@steve.ai

Can I sell my videos to other third parties?

Yes, users gain the rights to distribute and monetize for any video/design license that they buy in Animaker and related products. This is not applicable for free plan users. Either way, you can very well share the videos on social media to your friends and family.

Will I receive an invoice for my payment made?

You will get an invoice for every payment you make to Steve AI You can also generate an invoice for your transaction under the ‘Billing Tab’ in the ‘My Plans’ section.

How to update the company's billing in the Steve AI invoice?

Your company is billed usually on a credit card set by the creator of the team. Any expenses incurred by the team will be charged to that credit card.

When do I create a team from internal staff or make a referral from outside?

You can start making referrals as you build your team inside the organisation, the email id used must be part of the organisation only. Those you invite should be well suited for your project. You are also allowed to invite people from outside the organisation. They can be sourced through job seeker websites such as Naukri, LinkedIn Network or your own network.

You may also start referring friends and family and gain rewards.

How to become a Pro Steve AI video maker?

Once you are fluent with the free version and try out the starter packs, confident to take on the world with AI-based videos made in seconds, we suggest you upgrade to the “Pro” plan to make the most of all that Steve AI offers.

What do you get in the “Pro” plan of Steve AI?

You get everything you already have in your free and starter packages. Plus you get to work on

  • 40 videos per month

  • 2k quality videos

  • 45 Premium Assets (now that’s a bumper!)

  • 30 more custom characters to create / build per month

  • And of course 24 / 7 support now at a premium level

    For more on plans and pricing, click here>> https://app.steve.ai/pricing#plans_compare_section

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